Calculated Field in Dynamics CRM 2015

So far in Dynamic CRM 2013, If we want to calculate data in different fields we have to write down our own JavaScript method to calculate it. But CRM 2015 has introduces new concept called Calculate fields.

I would like to walk you through step by step with an example on this concept.

Ex: Here I would like to calculate an employee salary with few salary components like basic, variable, deductions.

I have created Basic, Variable and Deduction fields as Decimal number like any other fields.

Here Total field should be created with bit different. CRM 2015 has Field Type along with Data Type as shown in below screen

While creating you have to set the Field Type as "Calculated" and click on Edit button, on edit button click itself it will create the field first and navigate you to Calculate field screen. This field will be looks like below.

And write down you logic there on the screen.

Here, whenever you set field type as Calculated field then it will be read only and value will be reflected on save of the form.

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